Gender Neutral Restroom Listing

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is committed to an inclusive community that embraces and builds upon the needs of our faculty, staff and students. In the university’s continuing efforts to elevate our responsiveness to this strategic initiative, a facility review was conducted to determine restroom availability on campus. Based upon the results of this review process, listed below are the buildings on campus that currently have public UNISEX lockable single stall restrooms that meet state and university requirements.

Shaw 112A, 112B, 142A, 142B (When classrooms are open)

North Spencer 131

Mendenhall 003

Jefferson Suites 125, 127 (When classrooms are open)

Gove Health Center 002, 003, 229

Petty Science 008, 009, 014

McIver 019, 060A, 060B, 107/107A, 238A/238B, 339A/339B

Aycock Auditorium 104, 117 (Available during events)

Faculty Center 101

Foust 100E

Download a pdf of the above list.