Cultural Programming Council

Membership on the Cultural Programming Council is open to any UNCG-affiliated student organization whose mission is in line with that of the Office of Intercultural Engagement  — to promote, foster and encourage respect and meaningful inter-cultural and cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of similarities and differences. For information on how your student organization can get involved in the Council, email

Special Funding Opportunities

To encourage student groups to offer programs of a cultural nature to their membership and/or to the UNCG community at large, the Office of Intercultural Engagement has set aside funds that can be applied for to help offset the costs of qualifying events. To apply for funds, submit the Cultural Programming Council Application Form Spring 2015 with the required supporting documents during the “open application submission period” — see details below. The Cultural Programming Committee will review the requests and notify your organization of the funding decisions according to the schedule below.


One-Time Funding Opportunity for Newly Affiliated Groups

Startup “seed money” is available for any qualified group that has become affiliated recently for the first time but has not yet had the opportunity to join the Cultural Programming Council or for an organization whose focus is not necessarily “cultural” in nature but might have an event or program that qualifies. One request for a maximum of $100 can be submitted for consideration by any newly affiliated group whose focus is in line with the mission of the Office of Intercultural Engagement. Any group interested in applying for start-up money should complete the Cultural Programming Council Start Up Funds for Newly Affiliated Organizations and submit it at any time for consideration.

The Office of Intercultural Engagement (OIE) has a pool of funds earmarked for special support of UNCG student organizations who need financial assistance for projects that are in line with the OMA mission. Your event must have an educational component (e.g.,What historical and/or cultural knowledge will participants learn? How will they learn this?) or a service-learning opportunity that brings awareness to the group’s social responsibility toward domestic or global issues.

Limited start-up funds (up to $100) are also available for newly affiliated groups that have not yet had the chance to join the Cultural Programming Council. Requests for start-up funds can be submitted at any time using the required sections of the online form.

Guidelines for Submission

  • Your group must be a fully affiliated UNCG organization in good standing.
  • Your Event Contract with the Office of Campus Activities and Programs must be approved prior to submitting a request to the Cultural Programming Committee for funding.
  • To be considered, your request must be in accordance with the mission of the Office of Intercultural Engagement. Explain in detail how this program will further OIE’s mission.
  • Funding is intended to provide seed money for the event, NOT to fund the entire event.
    • Only one request for a maximum of $250 can be submitted for consideration by any one group (a maximum of $100 may be requested for food).
    • Only one request for a maximum of $500 can be submitted for consideration of a co-sponsored collaborative event between two or more organizations (a maximum of $200 may be requested for food).
  • Hard copy documents are required to support your online request and should be sent to OIE, Cultural Programming Committee, 62 Elliott University Center (e.g. Program agenda including number of participants and percentage of audience/participants who will be UNCG students). All documents must be received no later than 5:00 pm on the closing date of the submission process.
  • Your event must be open to the UNCG community.
  • Funds are to be requested for expenses that can be paid directly by OIE through interdepartmental invoices to other University offices or departments, such as (but not limited to)the items listed below. Funds are not to serve as reimbursements for previous expenditures or to be paid directly into a student organization account.
    • University catering services (no alcoholic beverages) through Chartwells
    • Advertising in the Carolinian
    • Printing costs through University Graphics and Printing
    • Set-up costs and technical services provided by UNCG entities such as EUC or TLC
  • OIE reserves the right to approve any amount up to the requested amount. (Despite approval, allocated funds may on occasion be reduced or rescinded due to conditions not within the control of OIE such as a freeze of state funds.)
  • If funds are approved, OIE must review all promotional pieces prior to distribution to ensure that OIE is listed as a sponsor.