Art Exhibits

Past Exhibits in the Intercultural Resource Center

A History of Movements

Dates on Display: January 5 – February 28
Artist Talk & Reception: TBA

“Common Threads from Carolina to Cambodia:

Dates on Display: August 17 – October 9

Artist Talk and Reception: October 8, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Hosted by Global Engagement &

the Office of Intercultural Engagement

Special thanks to the Department of Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies and TS Designs



“This Is Not Wasteland” by Hannah Rose Mendoza, Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture

Dates On Display: January 10- March 6, 2014

Artist Talk & Reception: Wednesday, February 5, 4-5 pm

Description: “American media is filled with images and stories of the infectious dangers of Mexico. They depict a menace that spreads inwards towards the heart of the US, carried like a pathogen, and creating the border area as a place to be feared. Like the fear that isolated AIDS victims through misunderstanding and intentional exaggeration, this danger is used as a tool to isolate an entity and strengthen it. Despotic governments historically have provided for security through just such isolation as by “ravaging and desolating the frontiers they render the heart of the empire inaccessible.” These stories of violence and decay are the narrative for laying these frontiers to waste.

I traveled to Mexico to document this destruction, to look for the fields that have been burned, and to see where the earth that has been sewn with salt. Instead, I found a country in which life is the greater part of death, experience makes a better story than safety, and corruption has not left the people mute but created a vibrant culture of disobedience. This is not wasteland, the weight of fear does not lie in a handful of dust. Fear, along with love, passion, despair, and 1,000 other forms of being human are embedded in individuals and experiences in a way that cannot be captured in a headline written from a distance. As with all things, knowledge removes the terror and provides a clearer image of beauty in the details.

These experiences and these images did not build a bridge towards understanding, they are my understanding revealed.”

Art Exhibit-Hannah Rose Mendoza 2


Art Exhibit in the IRC “Violence Unsilenced 2014: UNCG SVCA Allies Photovoice Exhibit”

Dates On Display: March 7-May 2, 2014
Artist Talk & Reception:
Wednesday, April 2, 4-5 pm, featuring Jenn Hamilton, UNCG Sexual Violence Campus Advocate
Location: Intercultural Resource Center, 062 EUC

Description:In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and those affected by it, Student Health Services in collaboration with the Sexual Violence Campus Advocacy presents an art exhibit where survivors of relationship and sexual violence break their silence through artistic expression. This exhibit depicts a digital story created by a group of sexual violence survivors on campus. It includes photos and narratives from a Photovoice project this semester. During the artist talk and reception personal accounts of assault, post-assault experiences, and campus recommendations will be disseminated.

Violence Unsilenced Image

A Sampling of Past Art Exhibits in the Intercultural Resource Center

Four different exhibits are mounted in the Multicultural Resource Center during the academic year, two each semester. Pictured below are examples from some of the exhibits to date. Visit the art wall, think about the culture that inspired the work on view and get a conversation started among your classmates! You can also meet the artist at specially scheduled reception times!